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CFAR Reporting Solutions

Get affordable, fast, accurate reports for LabTech and Connectwise data

As low as $49 a month
Finally, the reports and tools you need at a low monthly fee!
CFAR for LabTech CFAR for Connectwise CFAR for LT + CW

CFAR for LabTech
Starting at $49/month

CFAR for Connectwise
Starting at $62/month

CFAR for LT + CW
Starting at $99/month

  • Impress clients with compelling reports
  • Choose from samples or build your own
  • Easily brand reports with your logo and coporate colors
  • Explore your Connectwise data
  • Build graphs, charts, and dashboards from CW financial data
  • Automate your reports by creating jobs
  • Make the best use of your time: learn one interface and you learn how to make LT and CW reports
  • Create reports that combines data from LT and CW databases
Try it Buy it Features
Try it Buy it Features
Try it Buy it Features

Get affordable reports

Don't hire an expert to make the reports you need. Try CFAR instead. Using CFAR's intuitive "application-centric" interface, you'll be creating your own ad hoc reports and dashboards in minutes.  With CFAR you get a business intelligence tool that even a mere mortal can use.

No experts + Fast development + Low monthly fee = Affordable reports

Get fast reports

CFAR reports are fast to create and fast to run. Creating ad hoc reports and dashboards is fast because CFAR handles the complexities of SQL statements for you. You simply pick the information you want and you're done.

CFAR reports run fast because the CFAR reporting tool engine has been tuned to understand the structure of each table and field. The result - blazing speed which saves you time.

Get accurate reports

RMM and PSA databases like LabTech and Connectwise are complex, consisting of hundreds of tables and thousands of fields. Accurate reports depend on you finding just the right fields for the report you want.

Using CFAR's wizard-driven design and "application-centric" interface makes it
easy to find the correct fields for your report.  Or choose to run one of the 250+, already-tested, sample reports that come with CFAR.